The Top 10 Best Looking Actresses in My Opinion

The Top 10 Best Looking Actresses in My Opinion


So here goes with the actresses:

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  1. Eva Green, The Casino Royale actress along with her twin sister was born in Paris on July 6 1980. Although her father is Walter Green a dentist who made a cameo appearance in the 1966 movie Au Hasard Balthazar. Her mother is Mariene Joubert who became a children’s author after she stopped acting.


  1. Alison Brie, Hollywood born Alison Brie has a Jewish mother, whilst her father is of British, Dutch, German, and Norwegian descent. Her best known film is Community.


  1. Anna Kendrick, the Up in the Air star has English, Scottish, and Irish ancestors. She was nominated for a Tony for her Broadway role in High Society


  1. Rebecca Ferguson, her breakthrough role was in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Rebecca grew up on the outskirts of Stockholm so speaks Swedish as fluently as English.


  1. Jennifer Connelly is best known for been in the movie Requiem for a Dream. A native of New York, her mother was an Antiquities dealer and her father a clothes manufacturer.


  1. Olivia Wilde starred in Rush. As well as been a successful actress she gets involved in community activities.


  1. Emily Blunt is a British actress who made it after appearing in moves such as the Young Victoria and The Devil wears Prada.


  1. Amy Adams, the Italian born American actress has most recently started in Man of Steel.


  1. Naomi Watts, english actress born in 1968, her mother was an antiques dealer and her father was once the manager of the band Pink Floyd. She is best known for her role in King Kong.


  1. Mena Suvari grew up on Rhode Island before moving to Charleston and deciding to become an actress. Best known role played by her was in American Beauty.