This is Why I Don’t Go to the Movies Anymore

This is Why I Don’t Go to the Movies Anymore


There is something special about seeing a new movie on a big screen and enjoying the smell of that buttery popcorn. Going to the movies can be fun. There are some things that can ruin the movie going experience. This includes loud and obnoxious people and other annoying things that can turn going to the movies into a bad experience.


Cell Phones

Man talking on cell phone in movie theater

There is going to be some idiot in the movies that will be talking on their phone. While this has been addressed by previews in the theater there are still people that ignore this. There are others that do not turn the volume off of their phone and it rings. People like this should not be allowed out in public.


Stupid Parents and Their Crying Baby


If parents cannot afford to hire a babysitter than they should not be in the movie theater. Even ask a family member to watch the little one for a couple of hours. Babies may be cute but their crying can ruin the movie. It is a huge distraction and babies should not be taken to the theater during the evening shows. That is adult time.


People That Will Not Shut Up


There is always that one person that will not shut up during the show. This is not a living room, a friend’s house so shut up for the sake of everyone else. Older people may get confused and ask each other that is happening in the movie. This is not a good reason to take. When a person is in the theater they should shut up. Talking during the movie is rude and shows that a person was raised without manners. The Los Angeles Arclight theater will kick the talkers out. All of the other theaters should as well. If a person is stupid enough to talk during the movie they should have to pay a large fine. The rest of the people in the theater did not blow their money just to hear someone talk all night.


Loud Eaters


While eating candy and popcorn is part of the movie experience people need to show some manners. While most people do eat with their mouth closed there are some that are loud when opening wrappers. Other chews loud enough for the entire audience to hear. If a person is going to eat make sure that everything is opened during the previews. Also not slurping a soda will be appreciated.


Douches That Bump the Chair Repeatedly
Some people think that is okay to move around until they are comfortable. In the process they often kick and bump the chairs of the people around them. To all the stupid people out there this is very annoying and can be seen as aggressive. It is not a nice thing to do to strangers that are out to enjoy a movie. Even if a stretch is needed it is not okay to do it in the theater. Suck it up or leave. Or just have some common courtesy and do not bump into the other people that are trying to enjoy the show.